The simple business formula:

Productivity + Efficiency
= Success

Do you believe success comes with stress?

The methodology of the Performance Efficiency Training (PET) is designed to eliminate stress common in the office environment of the 21st century. In addition, the PET system will leave your staff reliable and in control of their responsibilities, while having time and bandwidth to take on additional obligations. Simple techniques modified on a personal level, combined with effective coaching will transform your workplace into a high energy and productive organization. Let’s lessen the mess and stress and heighten productivity and responsibility, thus giving you more bang for your buck.

Simple yet Powerful

Build Company Culture

Create a calm workspace that is highly collaborative and energetic

Train in Pro-activity

Develop a proactive workforce where emergencies are kept to a minimum

Boost HR

Maximize daily productivity and increase employee retention

Foster Creativity

Enhance creativity and resourcefulness throughout your organization

Encourage Leadership

Promote leadership from within as employees develop reliability and growth

How it Works

Is this for me?

Do your employees…

It does not need to be this way. Success without stress is possible.

For Business Owners and Executives

While Shea is a Certified Public Accountant, has extensive corporate experience and an uncanny intuition for business, the interaction is different than a traditional consulting engagement. As opposed to just giving advice, Shea empowers business owners and executives to make their own decisions with clarity and confidence. He helps them identify and navigate their challenges, reaching new levels of productivity, communication and management.

Team leadership

Draw upon the qualities that will help you create a network of dedicated and loyal employees.

Corporate Mindfulness

Manage and lead from a focused, clear and calm place that will transform your work environment.

Solution Engineering

Tackle challenges with creativity, courage and confidence opening new opportunities.


Facilitating direct transparent communication between partners, identifying the division of responsibilities resulting in happy long-lasting partnerships.

Plain and Simple Results


Consolidate thoughts, ideas and goals and make decisions with confidence.


Be productive and responsible while keeping the stress to a minimum.


Master effective delegation, communication and accountability (without micromanaging).


Identify the challenges that stand in your way, slow you down or stop you from reaching your goals.


Create a vision, formulate a plan and break it down to actionable tasks.

Is this for me?

Willing to hear honest feedback?

A not-so-simple story

­Never in his wildest dreams did Shea imagine how challenging work would be for him. He was always a go getter and graduated college with a 4.0 GPA. However, he wasn’t prepared for what lay ahead. Brilliance, willingness and determination accounted for a lot, but it was not enough.

Shea began his professional journey back in 2009 as a bookkeeper/office manager. From the onset, he was challenged with completing his tasks in a timely manner. Although he brought his creativity and negotiating skills to the business, the boss could not rely on him for his primary responsibilities. The lack of success and the constant fallout left Shea feeling stressed and unsatisfied.

After struggling to succeed at this job for two years, Shea coughed it up to not being cut out for bookkeeping. Determined to follow success, he reckoned that public accounting might be up his alley. At his new accounting position, Shea impressed his boss with his quick learning and ingenuity. However, after a few short months, work was again unsatisfying and became a source of constant stress and heartache. After some self-reflection, thinking that tedious work is holding him back from success, Shea decided to search for a managerial role.

Within a few weeks he was hired by a mid-size organization as the future-controller. At this point, two-plus years into his career, this role was a dream come true. Shea delved into his work with passion and dedication wanting to prove that he is up to the task that would generally require 10 years’ experience. During the initial months he trained with each department in the company to gain an intimate knowledge of every facet of the business. He loved the team spirit and the connections he made with the executives, managers and employees. He enjoyed learning the various processes of each department and the nuances of each position.

After four months of intense training, Shea began to take on financial responsibilities alongside his continued training. As the responsibilities were phased in over the next few months his excitement about work lessened with every passing day. He discerned an uncannily familiar sensation; recurring sluggishness and burn-out. Similar to his previous positions, he started off his training with a bang and then lost traction once the responsibilities began piling on.

At this point it was evident that the issue was not with the job-description or industry. It was not with the boss or co-workers. It was within himself. And if he was not going to identify and deal with the issue, his future career was bleak. This was a vicious pattern, it was scary.

Shea realized that responsibilities were exceedingly difficult for him to manage and thus committed to providing an extreme level of reliability, no matter the cost. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures. He would stay after hours and constantly make sure that he was up to par in all areas. Wherever there was unclarity as to the owner of a task or project, Shea took on the full responsibility. Instead of defending himself when criticized, Shea always asked himself how he can do it differently for the future. At times, he worked 80-hour workweeks to make sure that no responsibility was left behind. His extreme efforts bore fruit. He was promoted to CFO and constantly kept taking on new responsibilities. After a few short years, he oversaw reporting, finance, accounting, tax, legal, compliance, contract negotiations as well as various other company projects.

One day, after eating lunch with his peers, a co-worker stayed behind. He said “Shea, I wish I had your position”. “Why?” Shea asked. “Because you have a prominent position and don’t have much work”, the peer responded. After asking him why he thought so, he explained that Shea ate lunch calmly every day burdened by no responsibility. Seeing Shea sitting calmly at company meetings, not checking his emails constantly or running out for emergencies, gave the impression that Shea had time on his hands. “You always seem like you’re on vacation” he finished off.

Shea proceeded to present his various tasks, projects and responsibilities, leaving his peer astounded. “I want what you have” his peer said. Shea continued to demonstrate how he managed his workday, tasks and direct reports. When Shea was approached by a second workmate, Shea began to dissect and study his workstyle so that he can better explain it. Shea then taught it to his direct reports and to their employees as well as to other managers, fine tuning the method as necessary.

After his successful tenure at this company, including selling the company to a private equity firm, Shea launched his corporate training and coaching business.

While his method is remarkable, it would not be nearly as powerful without his renowned coaching skills. He is fearless and challenges you, pushes you and equips you with the vital knowledge, skills and processes.

Shea is deeply passionate about this method and whenever anyone mentions being stressed out at work, Shea shares the foundations of his method with them if you want.

At last Shea found something he genuinely enjoys.

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